Sunday, August 06, 2006

I tried to post on Wednesday night before we left for a long weekend at the cabin, but blogger did not want me to post - so here I am. We had a very relaxing birthday weekend for my 10-year old, and then I spent Sunday morning rushing home to get the 14-year old on the bus for band camp. A familiar tune to all you SAHM's - hurry up and get to one place to you can take your child to another place.

Let's see if I can show you what I had up my sleeve on Wednesday night...oh yea, I was going to say - I was heading to a weekend of this:
And of course, weather permitting, this:

Frankly, there was very little of this:

However, now that I am home and the house is nicely breeze-cooled, I managed to pick up 200 stitches and knit three inches in stockinette while I watched Big Brother. I may have to stop watching it however, because they are all idiots (my personal opinion - that's all).

On a sobering side note - my SIL was stung by a wasp this weekend and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She has never had such a severe reaction before, but these things can worsen with time and repetition (allergic reactions). She now carries an Epipen. Her partner of 20+ years passed away five years ago from an insect sting - he died for the want of an Epipen. Needless to say, this episode scared the pants off of everyone involved. She came home later that evening, wiped out, but recovered from the insect sting. In the meantime, her boyfriend (after age 50, do they become manfriend?), had eliminated THREE wasp nests around their home.

All is well that ends well, right?
Happy Knitting Internets

I always tell people that want to stay home with their kids when their toddlers that they should wait and be SAHs when their kids get older. When they are tiny they have no schedules, you just grab 'em and go where ever. It's when their older and they have so much going on that you have no time for things like grocery shopping that you need to be there. My husband is a part time SAHD now that my son is a teenager and it works beautifully!
Oh Lord, I usually spell better than that! Blame it on not enough coffee this early!
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