Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I have a neighbor. She is a lovely lady with whom I am not VERY well acquainted. However, we wave at each other when we drive down the street. We chat happily at all of the neighborhood ladies functions, every Pampered Chef or cABI party we have a glass of wine together. We chat about taking care of our aging parents. We chat about husbands who travel too much. We talk about who's well and who's sick in our families. You KNOW what I mean? Not long ago this neighbor found a lump. Her lump was not benign and next week she is having a double mastectomy. We neighbor ladies are putting together a book with restaurant gift certificates in it for meals - we are putting our telephone numbers in the book so neighbor lady can call us if she is in need.

This feels like it needs more. Personally, from me. As I said, she and I are not well-acquainted, but this does not feel like enough. I have been blessed not to have much experience with breast cancer, but I know this knitting community as a whole, does. Tell me, what more can I offer this neighbor friend? For once, I would like to have had more than just good intentions.

As always, thanks for listening

You might want to check out knitty.com and go through their breast cancer patterns. They have a lot of nice things you could make for her.

Another option might be to make up some good soup she can keep in the freezer to thaw out when she needs some easy comfort food.

Does she have kids? Offers to help out there might be helpful too.

Hope that helps! I'm sure just knowing that you care are are around will be a comfort in itself.
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