Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How can something so simple as High School registration make you crazy? The 14 year old signed up for Japanese (the language) (he's going to be a Freshman), and they've quit offering the class, so instead he got Health and a Study Hour for first quarter. So his schedule is
First Half of First Hour - Band
Second Half of First Hour - Study Hall
Second Hour - Study Hall
Third Hour - Health
Fourth Hour - English/Geography

I ask you, what kind of a schedule is that? (Our High School offers 70 minute classes and four quarters). Second quarter is not much better, instead of study hall he's got Phy Ed, and instead of Health he's got Computer Tech. In contrast his third and fourth quarter consist of:
First Half of First Hour - Band
Second Half of First Hour - Study Hall
Second Hour - Enriched Science
Third Hour - Enriched Geometry
Fourth Hour - English/Geography
(Enriched classes promise an hour of homework per night as does the Eng./Geo combination class).

Tell me how that balances out with an ADD boy? GRRRRR.

So we filled out a drop/add form, but you don't actually get to speak to a counselor, we had to write a note asking them to balance out his schedule. Then, he wants to take American Sign Language as his language choice, so we try to add that, but come to do some research, and a lot of colleges do not accept ASL as a second language credit for acceptance purposes. I ask you, HOW are we supposed to plan this out? To top it off, they are giving notice that class availability is limited so they will do very little schedule changing. The more I think about it, the more I believe I will be telephoning a counselor tomorrow. Of course, they have also given us notice that they will make NO schedule changes over the phone.

I know, I know cry me a river, right?
But, but....he...I...(splutter)..it shouldn't BE like this!

Lot's of knitting, but no photos.

Oh, what a hassel! Those 4 period says are terrible. I taught at a high school last year with 4 periods and scheduilng was a nightmare. When are the high schools going to realize that that was one of those bad ideas and move on?

Hopefully, if you go down and fuss enough they'll fix it.
Hang in there. Maybe a new scarf will cheer you up!
How the hell are English and Geography linked?! Mine is taking French this year. That's great. He can already talk about my behind my back/in front of my face in Hmong, I need him to know a third language. I feel for you sister!
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