Sunday, August 20, 2006

How about a Sunday Book List?
(Since I didn't get that yummy yarn photographed like I promised...)

45. Love Rosie by Cecilia Ashern (2/25/06)
I HATED PS I love you, and frankly, this one wore at my patience a bit. Her heroines are THICK! In the sense that they never seem to gain a clue. However, this was easier to read than PS I love you. I could literally skim pages of her writing and still “get” the idea of what was going on. "Blah, blah, blahhedy-blah, I’ve always loved you but would never say it because you might not love me BLAH!" How long does it take a real person to figure things out? Hopefully not until they are old and past the age of having kids together for cripes sake!

44. The Witch of Cologne by Tobsha Learner (3/4/06)
I never do this - but - I read the end before I finished this book. I couldn’t stand that this couple had escaped the Inquisition, (you never EXPECT the Spanish Inquisition! - yes I was that nerd.), Only to be tricked into their own end by the same man they had originally escaped. However, the way she took us to their ending - yah - okay. Karma stinks. They could have achieved the same story without the Khaballa magic, I don’t think the creepiness it added was necessary. Wasn’t the Spanish Inquisition evil enough without it?

43. The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (3/11/06)
Yes, I know this is a classic. Yes, I have read it before. Nope - I didn't remember it, at all. She makes me feel a little Jane Austen-y, so I have to love it.

42. Sir Thursday by Garth Nix (3/18/06)
What can I say - I love me some Garth Nix. From the Abhorsen series to the Dark Tower to the Days series. They are scarily dark, and my 13-year-old won’t read them. I LOVE them.
I gobbled this up in 24 hours. I buy these in hardback and they are a guilty pleasure. I want a best friend named Suzy Blue who can steal paper wings and make us FLY!

Th-th-that's all folks!

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