Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hospital Week.
My mom? My mom has a hole in her back. They strapped her to a table with tape and flipped her over and made a hole in her back. They did it to fix her, but still, MY MOM HAS A HOLE IN HER BACK.

Mom is 68 and her lower lumbar disk was squeezing her spinal cord. When that happens your leg gets numb, and well, leg just stops working. Things get worse from there - usually leading to assisted living. So the "Git 'er done" doc from Texas opened up her back and chiseled off some spiney bone from the spinal cord canal to make room for that pinchy nerve. (Sorry for the non-technical terminology.) After much morphine and face-making, mom woke up this morning and gleefully waggled her legs in the air, despite the ouchy hole in her back. She is quickly becoming the impatient cantankerous mom we all know and love and not the mopey depressed mom she's been 'cause the pegs were NOT WORKING because of the pinchy nerve! Yay "Git 'er done" doc from Texas! You will get Valentines from all of us!

(Although mom REALLY wanted to go the State Fair and drive a Rascal around, but then, who doesn't?)

Not so much loving the daytime nursing staff at the hospital. Hiss to you!! Messy, forgetful, not really caring much, nursing staff. Seriously, they just throw medicine wrappers around and leave them there. Old napkins? They go on the floor. The bathroom door? Blood on it. For two days. If NOT blood? EEWWWW! Nightime staff? Sweet, cuddly, teddy bear people who show much love and consideration for their patients. We like you nice people who let the patients sleep quietly. Even though the 90 year old lady across the hall would really like to "Talk to somebody...." She really would. She says it over and over and over and over.

I'm not sure if the stressful week ends or begins on Thursday when they are cutting her loose. She will be coming to stay at my house until she can stand it no more. Wish me strength. Strength and daisies. Mom likes daisies.

Oh good luck! I'm thinking good thoughts and daisies at ya.
Glad to hear your mom's operation went well. You're a good daughter to take her in for a while!
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