Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Holy Cats & Dogs Batman!

It has been raining all day and my house is finally under one hundred grillion degrees. There will finally be some sound sleeping in my house.

Tonight we bought our youngest his birthday present (he'll be ten on Sunday) - I'm going to call him Puck because the coaches at Lacrosse named him that for his hockey gear - and it just suits him....ANYWAY...Puck got a new bike tonight from Bokoo Bikes in Chanhassen. Anyone else know what's situated across the street from Bokoo Bikes? I think you all know - and Knit Wit's is still in the midst of their big old sale. Did I show you what I bought there last Friday? My stash runneth over. That's Malabrigo - 25 percent off!! Marrongon and Glazed Carrot - isn't it yummy? Oh, and that's not all I bought - but no photos of the other stuff yet - and I've got to say - I had complete strangers egging me on and I still bought less than a quarter of what they had on the counter when I cashed out!!!
Also - I have been knitting this today:

The beginning of my pretty Ingenue in Alchemy - so very soft and squishy. I should be sewing the waistband together tomorrow and beginning the process of picking up 200 stitches - yikes!

And Puck? Well he got a new big bike today - I'd show you a picture but it was all dark and thundery when we got home. I'll try and get one tomorrow before he's off with his hair on fire...

And teen Dred - (he's 14 going on too cool) - he's packed the suitcase for band camp - he leaves Sunday noon for a whole week - that will make my house a little quieter!

And the a/c guy comes tomorrow - now that I don't need him anymore.

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