Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Heart Scarf is blocked and ready to go, see: Pink Lemonade 100% merino - isn't it lovely?

Neighbor Lady came home today, and now is just waiting to see how far the nasty C has spread.

How late do you think seven ten-year-olds can stay up watching "Creature Feature" Movies?

My guess was 1:00 am when I went to bed thinking things were winding down. That was until 4:30, when after three and a half hours the bass thumping of the surround sound woke me from a sound sleep. I went downstairs to find seven little heathens watching The Mummy, and playing pool with all the lights on and none of them (save one) had even been to sleep. I blew a gasket and immediately turned the lights and the television off. The funniest thing was how quickly they all fell asleep - not ten minutes after I left the basement. I can only imagine how they were fighting off the ZZZ's until 4:30! Then after that - they were up by 8:30! Luckily, they were all dispersed to their homes, thankfully, by 10:00 am.Meet Puck, really posing with his new bike this time. He looks like he could cause a little trouble, doesn't he.

Tomorrow: progress on the Ingenue; if I don't go insane trying to meet all the appointments.

The scarf is beautiful!

Glad you survived the party! It's hard to believe I'll be doing that with my boys someday. Puck looks super happy with his new bike:-)
They pride themselves on their ability to get no sleep at sleepovers! And they drive you nuts the next day. The scarf is beautiful.
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