Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Good Day.

I woke up with intentions of reading and knitting and relaxing today. Instead, I called contractors and painters and looked at bids and had no fun at all. Soon I will be in the midst of an unclad previously stucco home because we have water intrusion issues and a house that was not built to code. I cringe when I think of losing the peace and quiet of my house to construction.

Mom is having surgery next Monday (the 21st of August). A lumbar laminectomy and she lives by herself, so she's coming to stay with us until she's ready to go home. Must be my house because we have a first floor master bedroom. I wouldn't have it any other way, but I stress myself. I need the needles to calm myself (ha!), I sound like an addict.

Methusalah cat and dopey lab wanted to introduce themselves. They are sad because they currently have nothing to model for you - I will be knitting some scarves soon so they will return to prove their divahood.

Here is methusalah cat - she is 18 years old - I think she carries her age well:

And this is Dopey Lab - he is actually quite wonderful, for a dog.

Did I mention that Puck got a new bike for his birthday? Here is his way of modeling:

I have a few skeins of yarn leftover from my Clapotis down below, if anyone is interested in them, please e-mail me. Three skeins Noblesse Delave 109 yards each 50 gram skein. 18 st/4 inches on a 5.5 needle:

Make me an offer!

I spent all last summer with contractors, it's kind of a pain but the results are usually worth it. Looks like he is loving that bike!
Oh, aren't they sweet!
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