Friday, August 25, 2006

I am actually crocheting the edging on the Ingenue - although I may skip the picot except for around the neck.

I'm halfway through another warshrag and parts of a debbie bliss cardi are pinned out to be blocked. I hate seaming so much I finished these parts last winter and folded them away in a basket. With new resolve I have taken the pieces out to block and I WILL seam them soon! I knitted it up in a pale ballerina pink. Pictures to follow.

Mom had a rough day - she got nicotine poisoning from the nicotine patches she was wearing because she cannot smoke right now. Good time to quit, you would think, right? Well, the patch made her desperately sick, dizzy and disoriented; she got all panic-y and anxious. The doctor's office was NO HELP AT ALL! Seriously, it took them two and half hours to call me back. When they did call me back, the doctor (who is not my mom's doctor) had focused on something else and didn't even address the reason I had called. So, they were supposed to call me back, about the nicotine poisoning, and not a word. Idiots. Park Nicollet is trying so hard to cut inefficiences and make more money that they have completely forgotten their mission to take care of the patient. You never actually talk to a doctor, or even a nurse. A Department Assistant takes your message and passes it on to a doctor, who responds to phone calls in between appointments. In turn, the Department Assistant returns your phone call and relays the doctors response. So because I never actually spoke to a doctor or nurse, my poor mom's concerns were never actually addressed. Our medical system is seriously messed up.


So, as you can see, stress causes me to knit, obsessively.
Happy weekend all!

You're not the first person I've heard about such poor medical care from. I just wonder how many patients have to get sicker or die before they realize their "efficiency" measures are actually very inefficient to the end result - healing!
Use your health insurance company's nurse line. You get answers right away!
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